Participating in workshops will offer you a unique opportunity to engage with faculty, network with colleagues, and participate in interactive and hands-on sessions. We are planning a wide range of workshops, coving interests across various domains in anaesthesia and critical care.

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Max capasity in each workshop is 12 participants

Simulated ventilation of the critically ill – Laerdal/Hamilton demo

Thursday 09:00-10:15 and 10:30-11:45. RooM: Freedom Square

Simulation based ventilation training where you will be exposed to various scenarios with a spontaneously breathing patient with an advanced lung solution to simulate challenging clinical ventilator cases.

How to become more evidence based as practitioners

Friday 10:30-11:45. Room: Freedom Square

Practical introduction to use of the MagicApp as a digital tool to support our clinical decision-making. MAGIC is a research and innovation programme and non-profit initiative within the health care sector, working to improve the creation, dissemination and dynamic updating of clinical practice guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids. Instructors include both software engineers, methodologists and clinicians with extensive experience in using this digital tool.

How to safely transport contagious critically ill patients?

Thursday 12:30-13:45 and 13:50-15:05.Room: Ueno Park

Critical care transport masterclass: Primary transport and Inter-hospital transfers of critically ill and potentially contagious patients remain core skills for the pre-hospital anesthesiologist. This masterclass present some key principles in transport of patients in multi-organ failure aiming to provide a seamless critical care environment. Principles of transport of highly infectious patients will also be covered with simulations. Instructors include personnel from rescEU NOrwegian Jet Ambulance High Infectious Patients task force.

Critical Care Ultrasound basics – How to get started with bedside ultrasound for critically ill patients

Thursday 10:30-11:45 and 12:30-13:45. Room: Prado park

Practical introduction and training for those who want to get started with bedside ultrasound in the critical care setting. Main focus will be basic exams of heart and lungs.

Critical Care Ultrasound beyond the basics – How to improve your bedside ultrasound skills for the critically ill

Thursday 13:50-15:05. Room: prado park

Practical education and training in bedside ultrasound in the critical care setting for those looking to improve their skills. Focused head to toe ultrasound for intensivists where the exact content will be tailored to participant needs.